2 cups butter
3 apples or 1 and ½ cup crab apple mousse
2 tablespoons butter
½ cup cider
½ cup of sparkling wine
1 shallot, medium size
½ cup cider
2 sprigs thyme
salt and pepper
½ cup butter

Over a month ago I had a great pleasure of taking part in an artistic event called „Written in Bread”, which was a part of literary festival held in Sopot. The main theme of the festiwal was Israeli literature. This event was focused on seeking the inter relations  between Polish and Jewish breadmaking traditions and the inspirations between the two cultures. Here is the link to the FB page. And so in a spacious garden adjacent to the the Sopot History Museum there were large kneading boards set in the open air and brick bread ovens.were constructed. We were kneading various breads, challas, onion breads and flatbreads. I was invited to take part in the event by a very talented artist, Anna Królikiewicz, whom I admire a lot. All of us had great time kneading the breads. I had a chance to meet so many talented, interesting people. I learned a lot about Jewish traditions of challah making, tried my skills in making four, six and eight braided challas. Found out the origins of onion bread making. After all the breads had been baked, all of us with aprons white from the flour, started a feast of eating the breads with the incredible spreads an butters. And what delices we had there: rillette de canard, beurre noisette, fermented bean hummus from a fine dining restaurant White Rabbit. We had cottage cheeses made by Anna, and many different  spreads, honeys, butters and jams. Anna asked me to prepare the chanterelle butter. Me on my side proposed to make the apple butter and burnt scallion butter. And so here is the apple butter. I made it here with the crab aples for the incredible color, but regular apples will do just fine.

Lilia, xoxo

Peel the apples and cut them into eights or cubes. Saute the apples in 1 tablespoon of butter until browned and caramelized. Then put the apples into a saucepan and pour over them prosecco and half of the cider and cook over low heat until the apples fall apart and half of the liquid has evaporated. Mince the shallot and then saute it in one tablespoon of butter until translucent, add the cooked apples, thyme, cider, salt and pepper. Cook the apples until almost all the liquid has boiled out completely. Meanwhile, in a skillet or a shallow saucepan melt the butter and cook it over low heat until its color turns golden and the butter starts to smell like caramel. Add the butter to the apple mousse and reduce  over low heat until thickened. Let it stand to cool and then blitz with a hand held  blender until smooth and fluffy. Transfer to a jar, it keeps refrigerated for a week.

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