cups frozen apricot pulp
1 cup plain yogurt
1 tablespoon lemon thyme leaves
2 tablespoons honey – the best for this will be honey thyme

These refreshing yoghurt ice cream, tangy and herbaceaus may be the best ice cream in the world. Make it, by all means The apricot ice cream may be a fresh dessert or a palate cleanser. I made these with frozen apricot pulp. For many years, every two years or so, an apricot tree I have access to, bears an abundance of fruit. So having an abundance of apricots I have to utilize them somehow. I stopped making apricot jam as it contains too much sugar for me. What I do instead, is cook the apricots sans sugar, blitz them and then freeze them in portions. When I feel like  apricots, I remove the pulp from the freezer, cook it with my favorite birch sugar, and then have something delicious and healthy. If you do not have the fresh apricots on hand, you can use the dried ones, just soak them in water and then cook until soft  and blitz it to a pulp. Freeze this pulp and then proceed as in the recipe. Does it sound as a good idea?


Cut the frozen apricot pulp with a knife into smaller pieces, transfer into a food processor with yoghurt, honey and thyme. Whizz until  the ingredients are mixed well and achieve slushy state. Scrape out from the blender into a container and store in the freezer. Before serving put in the fridge for half an hour for the ice cream to soften slightly. Serve two scoops per person in the glasses with some lemon thyme leaves on top.

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