For 4 portions

2 balls od burrata or mozzarella

4 tbs tomato jam

salt and pepper


olive oil

pine nuts, toasted

basil leaves


for tomato jam 

3-4 cups, ripe red tomatoes

a thumb size piece of ginger

salt and pepper

a pinch of hot pepper, the best is Pul Biber

2 cloves of garlic

1 tbs birch sugar, honey or plain sugar

olive oil


While they are ripe and sweet and the top season.  I mean tomatoes. It is worth making tomato jam. This will be great accompanying so many things. But especially good it will be with creamy burrata. This way we have created yet another, not so obvious caprese salad. Delizioso.


To make tomato jam. Wash the small tomatoes, run them under boiling water and then transfer ’em to cold water to easly remove the skins. Transfer the tomatoes to a wide sauce pan. Add grated ginger, whole cloves, salt and pepper, hot pepper, sugar and olive oil.  cook until tomatoes start to fall apart and the jam thickens. Transfer the jam to sterilized jars.

Tear the burrata or mozzarella in half. Place the cheese in the middle of the plate. Add a tablespoon of tomato jam on top of each piece of cheese. Scatter some tomato halves around. Season with salt and pepper. Scatter pine nuts and basil leaves around and drizzle with evoo. And this way you will have one of the most delicious caprese.



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