8 pears in pastry 

8 medium size pears, conference or bartlett
zest and  juice of one big lemon
3,5 oz. bitter chocolate
French pastry
1 egg
palm sugar
vanilla ice cream

I saw similar pear tartelettes on Pinterest, saved them, and recently in Elle a Table magazine I saw a different version of pears in pastry. And so I finally got down to making them and it turned out pretty easy. And delicious too! Flaky French pastry, juicy, not overly sweet pears and chocolate oozing from the pear. Definitely to be eaten hot straight from the oven. Accompanied by the vanilla ice cream. What a fantastic tart!

Xoxo, Lilia

Peel the pears and with a melon baller remove the pits. Scatter some zest all over the pears and sprinkle them with the lemon juice. Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and insert them into the pear’s cavity. Put aside while you roll the pastry. Roll the French pastry into a rectangle size 12×12 inches. Cut the pastry into stripes about wide about 1 and 1/2 inch. Roll the pastry around the pear making sure the bottom of the pear is covered with the pastry. Put the pears upright into the ramekins or tartelette forms. Brush the pastry with the whisked egg and prick the pastry with the fork. Sprinkle the palm sugar all over the pastry. Bake the cakes in the 350F oven for half an hour or until the pastry is nice golden-brown color.
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