for 4-8 portions

8 thick slices of brioche (recipe here and here), or challah
pistachio cream
1 cup pistachios
honey or agave syrup
pistachio oil or grapeseed
pinch of salt
juice of ½ lemon
50 g of butter at room temperature
6 tablespoons flour
6 tablespoons oatmeal
2 tablespoons of oat bran
big pinch of salt
¼ cup brown sugar
a handful of pistachios
strawberry coulis from the recipe  here 

I am in a brioche baking mood recently. Chocolate pistachio swirl brioche was sooo good that it woke up the urge to bake plain brioches and use them up for the bostock when stale. In this bostock I used the classic combination of pistachios and strawberries. And here it is a brioche base French toast – soft in the center and toasted and crunchy on the outside. This is plain heaven.

Lilia, xoxo

Put the ingrediens for the cream in a blender: pistachioes, agave syrup, oil, salt and lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients until well chopped and the cream becomes smooth. In a bowl with a spatula beat the butter then add all the ingredients in the order as above, beating well before you add the next ingredient. At the end blend in the pistachios. On a baking tray arrange the slices of brioche, smear each slice with 1 tablespoon of pistachio cream. Put the oat crumble on the cream and bake the bostocks for about 20 minutes until the top becomes golden brown and the brioche is toasted. Serve with strawberry coulis.

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