8 cups of soup

1 large bunch of of young beets – roots, stems and leaves
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 clove garlic
1 medium young red onion, chopped
salt and pepper
apple cider vinegar
one teaspoon of honey or birch sugar
vegetable broth or water
2 glasses of kefir or coconut milk kefir
chives or scallions sliced
dill chopped
parsley chopped

to serve:
way number one
hard-boiled eggs and spring onions, radishes and cucumbesr thinly sliced

way number two
new potatoes cooked steamed, topped with butter or oil with dill

I have been  waiting for some time to make this traditional, delicious soup, so popular in the summer in this area.  As you may be well aware one of the most popular and delicious Polish soups is the borscht, made of beets. Everyday staple in most households, but also a special for holiday occasions. In spring and summer, when the young beets are in abundance, and the temperatures rise, we turn to this beet gazpacho.  You will find all the typical tastes here: beets, dill, potatoes, canola or flax and kefir. This soup dates back many ages! And it is so healthy! Beets seem to be one of, if not the healthiest veg there is. Kefir with loads of probiotics only adds to the healthy benefits of the soup. And it is delicious, with perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste, beautifully colored. Humble yet sublime.



Wash the beets thoroughly, discard any old, bruised and wilted leaves. Chop the roots and stems into small pieces. Roll the leaves like you would roll a cigar and cut them crosswise into  very thin strips (chiffonade). Put the leaves aside. In a saucepan, in a tablespoon of oil saute the chopped onion and garlic. Add the beets and saute for a minute. Season the soup with salt and pepper, pour broth or water, cover and cook for 15 minutes until the beets are tender.  Add sugar or honey together with apple cider vinegar. Check the balance of sweet-sour flavor. Put the soup to the short boil. Blend the soup until smooth, add the chiffonade of leaves and heat util it starts booiling on a low heat. Let stand to for the soup to cool.  When the soup has cooled, add kefir and chopped herbs: plenty of scalions, dill and parsley.


Serving method no1.
To the bowl add the sliced ​​radishes, cucumber and spring onions. Pour over the chilled soup. At the top place halved hard boiled egg. Decorate with dill and parsley. Sprinkle rapeseed oil or linseed over the soup.


Serving method no2.
Pour the chilled soup into bowls. Decorate with dill and parsley. Sprinkle rapeseed oil or linseed on top. On a plate next to the soup serve the new potatoes, steamed, topped with butter or oil and sprinkled with lots of dill.

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